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Mountain moving prayers

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How’s your prayer life?  

The last several years I have been more consistent in my prayer life.   I’m talking with God all through my day.    Prayer doesn’t feel like a chore anymore…it is effortless.   It isn’t driven by guilt or shame like it used to be.  I don’t feel obligated.  Somewhere along my journey, prayer became one of my greatest pleasures.   What about you?

My prayer life is still all over the map!  The variance is not in the frequency of my prayers.  It is more about WHAT I am praying.

At times I’m asking God to do impossible things.  Mountain-moving prayers come from my heart with great confidence that God will answer.   I end my prayer-time with or without my answer, but trusting God regardless.

I also go through seasons when I stop praying.  Not completely, but I stop asking God for those requests that have been  on my list for years.  I just stop asking.   I’m not sure why I stop asking.   Honestly, I think I just get tired of asking.   Is that bad?

Today I am thinking a lot about a passage in Luke 18…Jesus is talking to his disciples about consistently praying.   This is a passage that sends me back to prayer!  I read this passage, then pull out my prayer journal and ask one more time–pleading with Him for the things that have been prayer-requests for a LONG time.    I might even cry…knowing that the things on this list can only happen if God Himself moves.

Read the story of the persistent widow if you are not familiar with it.  It’s in Luke 18:1-8.  Here is a link to read it in the Message translation:

Do those times that I take a break from praying DISCOUNT all those other prayers I prayed?  I don’t think so.  I used to feel really guilty when I noticed I stopped praying for that thing…whatever it is.  I just don’t feel guilty about that anymore.

I ask God to give me a heart to pray for others.  I ask God to give me a desire to come to Him on behalf of people who don’t know Him like I do.  I ask God to make me faithful.  I remind Him I get lazy.  Then He reminds me that He knows…ALWAYS followed by how much He LOVES me.  He tells me often that He delights in me when I am tempted to beat myself up unnecessarily.  He is so sweet to me.  Why wouldn’t I want to talk with Him all day long?

What helps you to stay faithful in your prayer life?   Share a comment if you don’t mind.  I would love to hear from you.

Please “Share” this on Twitter and Facebook.   I’d love to include others in discussion.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’m praying big prayers for you today.  God is able to handle that challenge before you.  Don’t stop asking!

Matthew 7:11
If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

*creative commons photo by Rik_C


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  1. So glad today is on prayer. It is encouraging to know I’m not the only one who struggles in prayer. Your comments help me view my prayer time in a more positive way. Not that I am negative about prayer but that I think I am not “doing” it right all the time. My comfort is knowing that He is my deliverer always. Just this morning I asked him to rebuke the devourer on my behalf. He promises to do that and taking his promise to me back to him in prayer is like cashing a huge check written on the bank account of my FAther God. Sometimes I get discouraged because I expect others to meet my needs when those very people are as bankrupt spiritually as me. When I recognize this and I put my trust in the one who created me, I know that he has the resources. He has the funds. He has everything I need to meet my needs. As a result, sometimes trusting the one who created the universe is a grand prayer in itself. Trusting God in all things is the prayer of absolute trust and confidence in his love and favor to me. The prayer of trust journey with him is filled with wonder. Waiting on him is so worth the wait.

    • Taking His promise to me back to Him in prayer…is like cashing a huge check written on the account of my Father God. I just love that!

      I know some amazing prayer warriors…I don’t think anyone ever really feels like we are doing “prayer” the right way. I am starting to say “I am doing better but I know He has more to teach me” Thanks for sharing today. It blessed me so much!

  2. Barb Bundy says:

    Often times I have faith that can move mountains for others but not myself. I am a prayer warrior and spend many sleepless nights praying for others. However, lately I know that God wants me to “believe” for myself also.
    God has shown Himself strong throughout my life and I certainly see His hand on my life as I look back.
    Sometimes fear creeps in and will consume my thoughts. Thankfully, others (my husband) will bring it toy attention by saying something like, I don’t think you’re having faith. Just what I need to hear. It gets me back on track.
    So…the Lord is beckoning me to call upon Him, believing, and declaring His word, not only for others but for myself.

    One of my favorite verses is, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phillipians 4:13

  3. Oh Barb! I agree 100% God is changing us… even through conversations like this. I am sure of it. I have struggled with FEAR in so many areas of my life…. “creeps in”…boy you got that right! So many good things to think about in your comment. I love Phillipians 4:13. What a beautiful promise! I have been quoting Luke 1:37 all year…it seems to be the theme God has placed on my heart…Nothing is impossible with God. I say I believe it…now I am ready to start living like I do! Thanks for your comments! Good stuff!

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