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God gives good gifts to His children


The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Psalm 19:1 (ESV)

To my delight,  I woke to find my lawn and car covered in teeny, tiny snowballs.   It was bitter cold (for Texas) but this filled my heart with JOY!   When I started driving the miniature snowballs flew back and forth on the hood of my car… like a tiny snowball fight.  I could feel laughter teeming up inside of me.   It was so much fun!   My girls didn’t find this as amusing, but I enjoyed the thought.

God gives good gifts to His children.

Bill Johnson shared on this topic when in the Dallas area recently.  That truth comes from a passage in the Bible.  (Matthew 7:11)  I enjoyed his message very much, but you know what has amazed me even more?!   That little phrase keeps popping into my head…God gives good gifts to His children.   God wants me to understand how precious I am to Him–and He is taking the time to remind me.   (How awesome is that?!)

“God gives good gifts to His children…Teeny, tiny snowballs warmed my heart…filling my day with JOY!”   Had to write that in my 1000 Gifts Gratitude Journal  (#114)

Maybe this will be my theme this year?   God gives good gifts to His children.  WOW!   Won’t that be fun!  MORE to come!

I hope you will subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss out.   God has some great things planned for us this year!  It will be fun sharing them with each other!

Life in God’s Presence…no where else I’d rather be!







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  1. Yes, God does take care of us every single day and when we learn to listen and watch for Him bingo there is a gift, unique and special for each and everyone of us. His gift of nature this day here in North Texas was wakeing up to find a blanket of snow covering his creations with his creation. Tiny almost miroscopic designs of beauty in each and every partical of snow. Wow! Amazing his creations are and they are all surrounded with beauty in their own unique way. What a blessing it is to have a Father that takes such wonderful care of his children on a minute by minute basis, an amazing supernatual love he gives us one and all. My prayer for this day is for all to see his wonderful and amazing gifts he gives us always ♥

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