Life in God's Presence

Hope for our Nation?

imageOur great nation is facing challenges, but nothing is impossible with God.   Today is a new day.  What should we do?   Here is my prayer today…


Thank You that You have not turned your back on us.  Thank You that Your mercies are new every morning.   Thank You for Your many blessings!  

Bless our leaders!  Give them wisdom. Guide them.   Jesus, visit them in their dreams.   Let them have supernatural encounters with You.  Invade their plans and their thoughts.    Reveal Yourself to them.   Protect their families from harm.   Give them peace.  Draw them close to You.   Let them experience Your majesty, Your goodness and Your grace!

Forgive me for putting my hope in other things.  Forgive me for believing all the lies that the devil whispers in my ear.  Help me to embrace Your truth.   Give us hope for our future.  Remind us of all the great things You have done.    Give us ears to hear You speaking.  Show us what You are doing. Speak to us.  Give us a hunger for your Word.  Wake us up with a desire to spend time with You.  

Forgive us for falling into fear.  Forgive us for not following Jesus example.  Forgive us for not asking You what You are doing and being willing to join You in Your good work.    We have given up hope for our nation.  You placed us here.   You expect us to love and influence our culture.  

Cleanse our hearts of despair.  Restore hope.  Restore peace and joy.  Reveal Your plans.  We are listening!  

Thank You for loving us.  Thank You for Your patience.  Thank You for grace, mercy and forgiveness.  

You are an awesome God, and I love You!

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

I would love to hear how you are blessing our nation in your prayers.  Leave a comment.

Nothing is impossible with God, and I want to live like I believe it!


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